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Construction Process

We strive to have great working relationship with all our clients. We encourage you to become involved in your project! We'll help you understand the importance of quality construction, the crispness of the finishes, the exactness of the lines and precision of how materials come together. You want you to enjoy meeting the craftsmen as they show their skills in building you the perfect pool.

Step 1: Preparation

The pool construction experience begins with a visit to our office. We'll discuss in detail the pool construction process. Next, David and Jackie visit your home to get pictures and measurements of your backyard for their expert graphic artist to design the perfect pool for your backyard.

Step 2: Design

After the initial preparation, we marry your ideas with our expertise to create a 3D design of your pool.

Step 3: Excavation

Our expert contractor will stake out your pool using the approved design. They'll then begin digging. Using the latest equipment, the contractor will excavate your pool and prepare it for the next stage.

Step 4: Steel

We use a steel schedule of 3/8” rebar on 8” centers, which will reinforce the bottom and sides of your pool, keeping it in place.

Step 5: Plumbing

We use the most efficient equipment on the market. This not only saves you money, but keeps your pool sparkling clean!

Step 6: Gunite

Guniute is a mixture of sand, rock, cement, and water that's installed by professional technicians around the pool's steel frame. This results in an strong pool.

Step 7: Tile and Coping

Coping and tile is installed and leveled around your pool by our professional masons.

Step 8: Decking

We have a variety of deck surfaces and colors to choose from that complement your new pool and/or outdoor living space.

Step 9: Plaster

We have an array of plaster textures and colors that enhance the beauty of your pool.

Step 10: Electrical

We use our own certified, licensed electrician to properly wire all electrical services to your equipment.

Step 11: Pool School

We teach you how to maintain your pool and equipment to keep it sparkling all year round.

Step 12: Enjoy!