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Over 15 + years of experience in residential and commercial pool construction.

David Duron


Upon graduating from Texas Tech, David began working for his family business in Waco.  In 2006, David wanted to have a pool built for his family, but could not find a pool company to go to his house.  He began researching and enrolled at Baylor University in the Fast Track Business program for entrepreneurs.  David put together a business plan and that is how he got his start in the pool building industry.  Initially, David helped build waterparks throughout the US and Mexico.  Once he felt confident in the mechanics behind pool construction, he began building residential pools. David says his passion lies in the details of the pool.  From design to the finished product, he strives for perfection.  With his wife Jackie at his side, this family business is run with dedication, passion and commitment to excellence.

Jackie Duron


Jackie married into the pool industry in 2015. Jackie says that she feels her years of teaching prepared her perfectly for this business. Organization and attention to detail are key factors that Jackie says are essential to not only running a successful business, but to making customers feel at ease with their investment. Jackie has involved herself in every aspect of this business; from cleaning pools to helping design pools and to the actual construction of pools. She takes personal pride in each and every new pool and pool remodel.

Taylor Morrison

Kenny Rios


A master plumber since 2000, Kenny specializes in swimming pool hydraulics and leak detection.  He is proficient in both commercial and residential pools.  Kenny has worked with Ultimate Poolscapes since 2015.  In his spare time, Kenny enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and raising turtles.

David N. Duron


Not long after David was born, his father began working in the pool industry.  As soon as David was old enough, he would be on the job site with his father.  Learning all aspects of the pool business has given David a wealth of knowledge that he eagerly shares with others.  His passion lies in the programming.  He enjoys programming and troubleshooting equipment.

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